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Meet our Families

We are Fonda Thompson and Kimberly Hatch--two separate households that have teamed up for more than ten years to provide the best possible start to what we think are the best possible family companions. You are going to love our dogs!


We are moms first!  

If we don't answer your call, send a text or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we get finished with puppy snuggles, baseball, piano lessons, dishes, mama tummy rubs, story time, laundry, walks, dinner.....

We use the goldendoodle as the foundation for the dogs we breed. Kim has some Cavalier Goldendoodle lines (King Charles Cavalier)  and Fonda has some Golden Mountain Doodle lines (Bernese Mountain Dog).  We love the variation these breeds give to our goldendoodles but our classic people pleasing Golden Retriever with the smart trainable non-shedding poodle added in, is the foundation for all of our breeds.  

Hatch Family

I'm Kimberly Hatch.  As parents of twins, teens and tweens we are a busy family.  We have always lived with dogs. From our first rescued-off-the-street miniature Schnauzer, to our sweet high energy beagle Molly, to our giant softie Beau (Golden Retriever), and our current two sweet goldendoodles we have had experience with just about every type of personality, coat requirement and energy level.  

After Molly suddenly died, we began our search again for the perfect family dog.  We needed trainable, loyal, patient and friendly with a sturdy bone structure (five boys in our family!) and moderate energy level.  We also wanted  to have a low maintenance, non-shedding coat.  As we searched the world of pure bred dogs, we realized that there just isn't such a dog. The Golden Retriever fit every one of our requirements except for the coat, so we picked the perfect Golden Retriever mom (Cloe) and went to pick out our favorite girl. However, when we went to see the litter, a little pudgy boy puppy picked us out!  The little pup sat so attentively at Rustin's feet--I couldn't say no to a dog who obviously had such good taste.  So we came home with a boy! 

We have found that our Golden Retriever Beau was perfect in every way--except for the hair (HAIR!) and super giant (95 lbs!) size.  We adjusted to the hair (mostly...) but we hated that we couldn't take Beau with us on more outings.  There just wasn't enough room in the car.

When we met my brother's miniature Goldendoodle, Penny, we realized what a perfect breed the Goldendoodle is for a family.  Low to non-shedding coat, great sturdy, healthy bone structure, smart, trainable, playful personality in a smaller package-- exactly what we had been searching for! We helped the Thompsons with their first litter of golden doodles and we loved them just as much as we had hoped! 

Thompson Family

My name is Fonda Thompson. My family and I live in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have 5 children: Nicholas, Drew, Kennedy, Hayden and Gentry. Needless to say our house is always very busy and full of activity and excitement. This is exactly why we initially chose Golden Retrievers as our companions. They are so flexible and open to change! There are so many people coming and going in our home--relatives visiting, kids playing, crawling babies, bouncy toddlers and ruff- housing teenagers--that we needed a dog who would be able to cope with all the action and not become too agitated and would be friendly with everyone. Cloe (our first Goldendoodle mother) was the epitome of her breed--so beautiful and friendly. 

After raising two litters of Cloe's wonderful Golden Retriever puppies, I decided for her final litter I would do a little exploring and I did a lot of research on the 'Goldendoodle.' I was interested in the 'lower shedding' factor of the cross between a golden and a poodle. The intelligence and dedication of the Standard Poodle breed mixed with the people friendly Golden Retriever has shown to produce a great family friendly dog. We fell in love with our litter of little doodles.  While I whelped my first litter of Goldendoodles, the breed became my passion.  I enjoyed it so much that I began to do more research on health testing and found our first English Golden Retriever to begin to build a breeding program.   We are working hard as a family to create dogs that will help everybody experience the joy of a great family dog.  

As we (Fonda and Kim) embarked on our quest to be top notch breeders we entered into a world of studying genetics, health testing, training, web design and small business management.  We have both found that we love spending time with the moms and babies most and we are genuinely thrilled when we see how happy our puppies are with our amazing 'Magic Doodle' families.  We want to raise dogs that we would love to live with!  We are really picky about the way our puppies are whelped  and we believe that early training and lots of socialization are critical to the future success of our dogs.  Many of our dogs are being trained as therapy companions for people with autism or emotional needs and we hope to see more in the future! 

We know that breeding a carefully selected pair of dogs will help us to create perfect family dogs--in both temperament, physical quality and behavior--that will make homes everywhere just a little bit happier! 

About our Program

We have four breeding priorities in the following order:

1. Health and structure

2. Temperament

3. Coat Characteristics

4. Size and color

The Hatch and Thompson families have separate moms but we always collaborate on breeding decisions and we help each other find the best matches between our moms and potential studs.  We own a few of our own studs but we use outside studs when we need a specific coat or genetic quality.  We test all of our parents for genetics to makes sure that we have the best possible chance to avoid genetic diseases.  We have had 100% success with genetic diseases since we began our intensive testing policy.  We also test genetics so we can make sure to get the best chance of having a thick, soft, low or no shedding coat.  

We place all of our guardian moms and dads in homes with families so that our dogs can live in one home forever and so we can ensure that we are only breeding dogs with family friendly temperaments.  We have retired several dogs (from outside of our own lines) that didn't meet our temperament or health requirements. 

We follow our own well researched and practiced method of whelping, raising and socializing our puppies.  We have been inspired by the Puppy Culture program, Baxter and Bella's program, work done by Ian Dunbar,  and many other great dog training experts. We like to have them accustomed to using a dog door to go potty outside and we like them to be comfortable with a crate before they go home.  We also follow careful protocols to make sure that they are exposed to enough stimuli and experiences to help develop resilient nervous systems.  All of the puppies grow up being held, loved and played with by our children and families and that is an experience that just can't be duplicated. We also follow careful medical standards to help make sure our moms and babies are as healthy and disease resilient as possible.  We will explain more about our immunization and treatment programs  in our puppy literature.  

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