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Guardian Program

Our goal at Magic Valley Goldendoodles is to create a healthy, happy dog.   In order to do that, we breed only the best quality animals, so occasionally we keep an outstanding pup from one of our litters to use as part of our breeding program.  All of our dogs are first and foremost a family pet and, we want to have every dog live with the same family throughout its entire life.  A guardian home will ensure that our breeding parents have the most wonderful life possible. If you are interested in being a guardian home owner to one of our dogs or pups, please read through the info below and fill out the form.

Benefits of being a guardian home:

1)  Reduced cost. Our Guardian dogs cost $400. You will receive a pick-of-the-litter, breeding quality puppy or dog to become a member of your family! These dogs are the best of the best.

2)  At the end of the agreed upon breeding period (typically 4 litters for females and 6-8 years for males) your dog will be spayed/neutered.

3) We are occasionally willing to take the dog into our care when your family goes on vacation if it does not put us above our max of 4 adult dogs or if we do not have hormonal nursing or pregnant mommas in our home. 

4) Our Guardian owners will be offered a discount on any additional puppies they wish to purchase from us.

5) Health testing will be done on the puppy at the expense of the breeder.  We make the arrangements for the dog to be tested but then it becomes your responsibility to get your dog to the appointment for his/her test. If the health test results do not meet our breeding criteria then the puppy will be spayed and will then become the sole property of your family. 

Some of the things required to be a part of our program are as follows...

1) All breeding rights belong to the breeder and no breed-able dogs of the opposite sex are allowed in the same home with the puppy or dog. The dog remains the property of Magic Valley Goldendoodles until he/she is spayed/neutered and retired from our breeding program.

2) If you are a guardian to a female you must live in the Magic Valley area.  We will occasionally place a puppy with a family within a couple of  hours  of Twin falls, Idaho if we find it to be the most perfect fit.  We require that our stud guardians live in Twin Falls. 

3) You must have a fully secure fenced yard.

4) Feed your dog a specified diet (PawTree).

5) You accept full responsibility for the socialization, training and loving of the dog.  In most cases this will include puppy training classes. 

6) Puppy/Dog is not allowed off leash while in heat when outside a fenced-in area.

7) You will need to be able to bring her or him to our home for the breeding and whelping period.  For the females this time period may be for a week during the heat cycle. Or if you live in the Magic Valley area you will need to bring her to us as much as once a day for 20-60 min for about a week.  Then she will return to your home until one week before the puppies are due. At one week before her due date she will come back to be with us and will remain with us until all her puppies have gone to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age. For males this will likely be 4-8 separate occasions  during the time that the female is fertile and ready to breed.
8) Agree to regular health, and veterinary care, and vaccinations at a specified Veterinarian. You are responsible for all health issues not relating to breeding. You will also be responsible to have the dog up to date on vaccines.  We need you to notify MVGD promptly for any illness or injury or if medical treatment necessary.  

9) Keep in good communication with us concerning the health and welfare of the dog. This will include updated pictures to post on our site.

10) Keep up with the grooming needs of the dog. Your dog's coat (and all goldendoodles) will need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks. It will also require frequent brushing. When your dog comes to our home to whelp a litter of puppies we will also require they be groomed a certain way to help aid in the whelping process. 

If you think you might be interested in becoming a guardian home for us, please fill out the form below.


Guardian Application

Tell us about you and your home--help us get to know you! Do you have children? Grandchildren? Other pets?  Do you have a fenced yard? Do you travel often or do you prefer to stay home? Have you ever raised a puppy or trained a dog? What led you to the guardian program? 

Our guardian dogs have to be away from their families for several months at a time when they have puppies.  This can be a terribly difficult for our guardian families but it is an important part of helping to create really great family dogs. Transporting dogs for medical appointments and breeding can also be difficult.  


Please type your name below to indicate that you have read through the guardian home information above and that you are aware of what our program entails. 

When do you want to get a puppy?

Thank you for your interest in our guardian program.  If you have submitted an application and you haven't heard from us feel free to contact us to remind us that you are still interested in being a part of our program.

What type of doodle are you looking for? Male or female? Size? Color? Coat curl? Do you have a specific set of parents that you want a puppy from? 

Thank you for submitting your Guardian Application!

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