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Cooper is an F1b American Goldendoodle from Highland Goldendoodles.  We don't own him but will use him on occasion when we need his genetics. He loves to be with people and he is especially happy when he can chase balls and toys outside.  He has a lovely thick, soft, wavy coat and he doesn't shed at all.  We love his structure and temperament.

Cooper from Highland Goldendoodles

Breed: F1b miniature American  Goldendoodle

Color: apricot

Coat type: Wavy, non-shedding

Hair Curl: CT , +/- curl

Furnishings: FF

Parti Factor: No

Birth Day: 6/28/2018

Traits: e/e, KbKy, ata, DD, BB, no merle

Height: 16 inches

Weight: 20 pounds

OFA hips: Good

OFA elbows: Normal

OFA Cardiac: Normal

OFA Patellar luxation: Normal

vWD1: Clear by parentage

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