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Sir Knoxville of

Magic Valley Goldendoodles


Breed: F1 Mini English Goldendoodle
Parents: Luna/Bear
Coat Color: Dark Red
BB/ee KBKy ayat
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: F/f
Shed:T/T (low shedding)
Parti factor: no
Birth Day: November 23, 2017
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 17.5 pounds
OFA Preliminary Hip: Fair
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Preliminary Patella: Normal
OFA Preliminary Cardiac: Normal
Dentition: Full Dentition (Normal)
Knox is a carrier for GR-PRA2 and ICH

Has 1 copy of CDDY
Lives with a guardian family in Boise ID 

Knox is CLEAR of 158 genetic diseases we test for through Embark. 

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