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Master Reservation List

How does this reservation process work? 


When you place your application and reservation fee we will add your name to your desired litter as well as the general master list.   When the puppies from your desired litter are born and we know we have a puppy for you, we will remove your name from the general master list. 


Our Master Reservation list is where we go to fill any available puppy spots before we make the litter available to the general public. The master list consists of those who have filled out an application, submitted an application fee ($200) and have been approved to receive a puppy. The $200.00 application fee  is non-refundableThis is not a deposit. This is a fee to cover the time that we spend processing paperwork and talking with a client prior to their selection of a puppy and bringing him home.  If you receive one of our puppies this fee of $200 will be applied to your final purchase price. Applications received without an application fee will be discarded. You are welcome to call or email with questions before you submit an application and fee.  Kim--208-421-2858  Fonda 208-731-0053


When we have available puppies from a litter who fall in the size range and or description of what you are looking for, we will reach out to everyone on the general master reservation list using a group text message to notify you of the availability for that litter.  You will be asked to respond to us individually on a separate text message to let us know if you would like any of the available puppies. We will generally give you 12-24 hours to respond before we begin to fill the remainder of that litter list. Those available puppies will be made available to you in order that your app fee was received.  


If we do not hear back from you we will assume you have chosen to pass on those puppies.  It is important that we have good communication with our potential puppy owners so we do ask that you try your best to respond to our messages so that we can keep the communication open and up to date on your timing and desires. It is also helpful to know why you may be choosing to pass on a puppy.  (Wrong size? bad timing? Not the color or markings your looking for? Not the type of coat you want?  You want a puppy from a different parent? let us know what you are thinking!)

Your Application and fee will be good for up to 12 months. After 12 months we will remove your name from the active master list.  Good communication is important for us to be able to help all of our clients understand where they may fall in line for upcoming puppies.   If we don't receive a response from you after our attempts to connect you 3 times (3 litters) we will assume that you are no longer looking for a puppy and we will remove your name from the Master list. If you decide you are ready for a puppy you are welcome to contact us at any time. Thank you for understanding and respecting our time! If you feel you have special circumstances please contact us.  


When you are placed on a litter list of puppies that are born we will have you identify your preferences for the available coat/color/gender etc.  You will generally have about 12-24 hours to respond to our attempts to reach you. If we don't hear from you we will continue moving down the list and assume you choose to pass on those puppies.  

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