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Welcome to magic valley family doodles!
Highlights about our program
  • We breed Multi-generation doodles (doodle x doodle) due to their higher non-shed success rate and more predictability with size, coat quality, health and temperament.

  • All of our puppies are born and raised in our homes alongside our everyday family activities--no kennels or kennel buildings. 

  • We have placed hundreds of puppies with happy families---we are really great at matching puppies with families based on temperament, size and coat quality. 

  • Our puppies go home when they are 8+ weeks of age and have current deworming, vaccinations and have been checked out with an exam by our a vet.

  • Our puppies learn how to use a doggie door around 5 and 6 weeks of age and are going potty outside by the time they go home.

  • We begin positive crate training exposure when they are 4-5 weeks old to help with an easy transition to traveling and a new home. 

  • We have placed puppies everywhere from New York City to Puerto Rico to Alaska. Our puppies travel well and adapt to many types of homes---we can transport them to you. 

  • We start early training with 'sit to say please' self-control exercises and clicker training exposure beginning at 6-7 weeks

  • We keep dew claws intact and we don't dock tails.  Read more about this here..

  • All of our parents live with guardian families so they never have to be re-homed.  We love our guardians! 

  • Check out Our Program page to get to know and learn more about us.

  • Our FAQ has frequent buyer & owner questions.

  • Are you ready for a puppy? Prepare for a new puppy. 

Changing Families one doodle at a time

We are Fonda Thompson and Kimberly Hatch--two separate households that have teamed up to provide the best possible start to what we think are the best possible family companions. Our motto is "Our puppies are part of our families until they are part of yours." We love raising these babies and having them be a part of our lives.

We started working together more than10 years ago after years of breeding experience individually. As we embarked on our quest to be top notch breeders of our favorite breed, we entered into a world of studying genetics, health testing, training, web design and small business management.  We have both found that we love spending time with the moms and babies most and we are genuinely thrilled when we see how happy our puppies are with our amazing 'Magic Doodle' families. Because we offer lifetime rehoming assistance we always raise dogs that we ourselves would love to live with!  We are really picky about the way our puppies are whelped and we believe that early training and lots of socialization is critical to the future success of our dogs.  Many of our dogs have been trained as therapy companions for people with autism or emotional support needs and we have a handful that are officially trained service dogs performing mobility assistance, medical alert services or emotional intervention services.  We know that breeding a carefully selected pair of dogs will help us to create perfect family dogs in temperament, physical quality and behavior that will make homes everywhere just a little bit happier!  Click here to learn more about us and our families.  

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