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Breed:  F1b English Goldendoodle 

Parents: Annie and Shooter​

Coat Color: Cream (bbee) (KbKy) (ayat)

Dilute: ​D/D (does not carry dilute)

Coat type: Loose wave, low shedding

Hair Curl: +/- (C/c)

Furnishings: +/- (F/f)

Parti Factor: Yes

Birth Day: 4/6/2017

Height:  22 inches

Weight: 40 pounds

Penn Hip: Left DI .29 Right D.32 top 10% (Excellent) 

OFA Elbows: Normal

Eye Cerf:  normal

Lives in a guardian home in Jerome

Callie Jo is a gorgeous medium size doodle from Annie and Shooter.  She has a thick, soft wavy coat. She doesn't shed at all. She goes to work at an insurance office  every day.  She loves to meet people and does great in public situations.  She is super mild mannered and we love her light amber eyes!  


Callie Jo

Callie Jo


Callie Jo


F1b English  Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 22" tall







Multi-Generational   Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 19" tall




Callie Jo  and Winston
40 pounds, wavy coats in red and Cream Solid and Abstract
multi-generation goldendoodles
Born May 28, 2021

Go home the third week of July 

After much waiting and anticipation Callie Jo is expecting puppies!  She has been bred with Winston an we are excited to see their babies!  We will have red, apricot white and chocolate puppies with thick wavy coats.  They will all be 30-40 pounds.  

Both of these parent dogs have mellow, people loving personalities.  They are great with kids and strangers alike and they are easy to train and easy to live with.  We think these babies will be great!  

  1. MVGD-Hatch Family--Royal blue girl

  2. Sharon C. Turquoise girl 

  3. .Tiffany P.--Black collar boy

  4. Ashley G.--Gray collar boy (Jax)

  5. Barbara C.--Purple collar girl

  6. Leigh R.--Orange boy

  7. Haily W.--Red boy

  8. Pink girl--Hayleigh Wood

  9. Forest boy

  10. Light Blue girl--Julie Meissner

Callie Jo and Winston babies

Callie Jo and Winston babies

Callie Jo and Winston babies
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Feeding TEN babies.

Feeding TEN babies.

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Callie Jo's babies are toddling...

Callie Jo's babies are toddling...

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Callie Jo and Winston 2021

Callie Jo and Winston 2021

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The babies are seven weeks old today! They are all eating solid crunch food and they are growing right on schedule.  They are all using the dog door 100% to go potty outside.  They are doing well learning to sit to say please.  They get lots of attention and love from our house full of kids and teens.  It seems like summer brings all the friends and family over which we totally love and the puppy love it too.  

It's the to make final preparations to bring your puppy home.  If you haven't read through our preparation page here on the website you should do that right away.  The most important supplies are just the basics--food, food dishes (these don't need to be fancy!), a crate and some kind of soft bedding for the crate, some chew toys and a basic flat leash and collar.  You can use a small or medium size collar for now.  

Now is the time to meet as a family and decide what the house rules are for the puppy.  If you don't want him on the furniture then everyone should follow that rule to be consistent for the puppy. Take a minute to puppy proof your house looking at everything from a puppy's height.  Move your favorite books, shoes and toys to make things easier for everyone.  Remember that the number one rule for puppies is that anything that is rewarded will be repeated.  Make sure to reward the behavior that you want to keep! And on the flip side--if a behavior is continuing then it is somehow being rewarded.  And most importantly--remember that your puppy is a baby that ultimately wants to please you. They don't have ulterior motives and they don't do things to 'get revenge.'  They just want to learn to live happily with their new families! 

June, 28, 2021

Callie's babies are 4 1/2 weeks old.  They are just getting their little teeth and last week they all learned to climb out of the whelping box!  They are now in the toddler box where they are starting to use the dog door.  They are doing great with always using the paper potty tray and are just starting to take themselves outside to play and/or go potty as well. 

We are spending lots of time handling and socializing these babies this week and it is never hard to find happy socializers!  We have lots of little ones that love to snuggle these babies and they are all amazingly sweet and snuggly! We will continue to assist with learning to use the dog door and we will introduce new experiences every day. Later this week everyone will have their Neopar shots to help them get started on their immunity to Parvo.