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Kora June (Multi-Gen)       Remmington (F1b)

Winstons mom                   Winstons dad

"small Medium" Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

  • 40 pounds, 19" tall, Wavy/Straight non shedding coat

  • 29.7% Golden Retriever, 36.4% small poodle, 33.9% standard poodle

  • Birthday: August, 16, 2019

  • Health: PennHIP: 0.44/0.38 (Better than breed average)​​                                               OFA Hip: Preliminary Good, OFA Elbow Preliminary Normal                                     OFA Eyes, Heart, Patella, Dentition, Normal. Full Clear Embark Panel,                             1 copy of CDDY 

  • Coat & Color Genetics: FF -/- ee KBKy ata bb SS mm.   9/10 Intensity.                   carries Rufus gene and Irish spotting

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