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"Miniature" Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

  • 30 pounds, 18" tall, Wavy non shedding coat

  • 36.5% Golden Retriever, 18.5% small poodle, 45% standard poodle                     

  • Birthday: July, 4, 2019

  • Health: PennHIP: 0.31/0.34 (Better than breed average)​​                                             OFA Elbow Preliminary Normal OFA Eyes, Heart, Patella, Dentition, Normal.                 Full Clear Embark Panel,                                                                                   CDDY Clear through Animal Genetics

  • Coat & Color Genetics: FF +/- ee KBKB ata BB Ssp mm.   8/10 Intensity.

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Embark genetic testing results link

Milli (Multi-Gen)           Cooper (Multi-Gen)

Maverick's mom               Maverick's dad

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