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Breed: Multi-Generational (F3) Mini English Goldendoodle
Parents: Lucy/Guinness
Coat Color: Chocolate
bb/Eme KBKB atat
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: F/F
Parti factor: Yes
Birth Day: February 7, 2018
Height: Estimated 16 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
Penn Hip: Right 0.49 Left 0.44
OFA Patella: Normal 
OFA Cardiac: Normal
Ich: Carrier (recessive genetic condition) --clear for all other genetic diseases. 
Lives with a guardian family here in Twin Falls 


Tesla is very loving with a low key type temperament.  She doesn't seek tons of attention but will sit close by leaning or touching you some how, just make sure you know she is there.  She LOVES her people and they love her. Friends and family of her guardians love her just as much. They love her calm and loving nature. Many of her guardian's friends and family have often said that if they could get a "Tesla" they would take one in a heart beat.  Tesla gives the best hugs. She leans into your body and puts her head on your shoulders and applies just enough pressure to make you feel loved and important.  She can sense when you need her and she doesn't leave till she knows you are ok. She has been instrumental in working through and fighting a kidney disease for her oldest clild.  They have an incredible bond.  When he is sick, she does not leave him.  Teslas family  is quite smitten with her.  Once she is retire from this breeding program her owner plans to get her certified to enter school to help with emotion therapy. 




Multi-Generational English Goldendoodle 

30 pounds, 16" tall







Multi-Generational   Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 19" tall




Tesla & Winston
Large Miniature/Small Medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 30-40 pounds
Born: March 4th, 2022 
Match Date: April 15th
Go Home: April 27th

Tesla Had 6 beautiful babies on Friday March 4th.  1 girl and 5 boys.  We have a chocolate Tuxedo girl,  3 apricot Tuxedo boys, and 2 solid chocolate boys. Labor for Tesla was pretty typical for her.  She labors long because she breaks for about 1 to some times 3 hour between each puppy.  She had her first baby at 12:00 Pm and her last came at almost 6:00 pm.  We anticipate these puppies to be between 30-40 full grown. All puppies will have a nice thick, soft, wavy coat and both of these parents are completely non-shedding. These puppies will be great for families with allergy concerns.  Both of these parents are amazing emotional support dogs.  They pick up on the emotions of the people around them and respond to give comfort.  We expect these puppies to have their parents great emotional stability.

  We were so pleased with everything about how the last litter Tesla and Winston produced so we are excited to offer puppies from them one last time for Teslas retirement litter.

Blanche/Winston Waiting list

1) Breeders pick  (Miss Pink Chocolate Tux) Twin Falls

2) Cyan Bower (Mr Blue) Kenmore, WA

3) ​Cale Holscher ( Mr Brown) Scottsdale, AZ

4) Chris Williams ( Mr Black) Bellevue, WA

5) Rachel Williams (Mr Green) Redmond, WA

6) Amy Thomas (Chocolate male "Mr Red") Nashville TN