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miniature Multi-Gen Goldendoodle

  • 30 pounds, 18" tall, Wavy non-shedding coat

  • 20.8 Golden Retriever, 38.8% small poodle, 40.4% standard poodle

  • Birthday: 10/17/2019

  • Health:

    • PennHIP: 0.57/0.52 

    • OFA Elbow Preliminary Normal

    • Full Clear Embark Panel 

  • Coat & Color Genetics: FF -/- ee KBKB ayat BB Ssp mm.   7/10 Red Intensity 

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Wendy & Herbie

"Phineus and Ferb" litter Apricot/Red 

Multi-Gen Miniature Goldendoodles
25-35 lbs
Born April 13, 2024
Go Home: June 21, 2024
three boys and six girls


Wavy red parti female

Little Suzy-Yellow

Wavy apricot abstract girl


Wavy apricot parti female


Wavy white (extreme parti) female


Wavy apricot boy


Wavy extreme parti female


Wavy apricot abstract female


Wavy apricot abstract boy


Wavy apricot abstract male

Previous puppies from Wendy

Wendy & Princeton
Mini Multi-Gen Cavalier Goldendoodles 15-25  pounds
Red/apricot coats

Born February 15, 2023
Go home April 


We are so excited to meet Wendy and Princeton's babies!  Princeton is a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x poodle.)  Wendy is a multi generation goldendoodle.  

We love the health, size, structure and temperament qualities that the Cavalier adds to our beloved goldendoodles.  Adding the Cavalier to our line allows us to downsize without adding so much poodle to the genes so we can keep the broad boxy structure and dark round eyes, long ears with silky non-shedding coat. And we especially love the trainable, people loving personality of our Cavalier Goldendoodles.  


Reservation list:

1. Breeder Choice--Darling-Tori Jensen

2. Erin R.--Evergreen Boy, Pan

3. Amanda W.--Pockets

4. Michael R.--Nana

5. Lindsay S.--Peter

6. Jill S.--Jane

7.Joy L.--Tinkerbell

8. Ashley T.F.--Ruffio




Multi-Generational Goldendoodle 

33 pounds, 18" tall






Mini Cavapoo

10 pounds, 12" tall

Red abstract



May 4, 2023

These two sisters are little snugglers!  They have been busy making therapy visits to our local Safe House (for unhoused foster teens) and they have had lots of field trips to meet new families and friends and they are doing great with all of the new things!  

They are using a doggie door to go potty outside and they sleep in crates.  Little Janie is teensy--we expect her to stay under 1-20 pounds for sure.  She has a petite little frame.  Tinkerbell has more of a sturdy boxy look to her face and her body and she looks just like a little teddy bear.  She will likely be about 20 pounds as an adult.  We are anxious for these babies to find their forever families so all transportation costs are included with their purchase or a $500 credit if transportation isn't needed.  

Ruffio blends in with everyone--he has a beautiful classic goldendoodle look with a light blonde wavy coat.  He is a great middle of the road kind of boy which we love for families.  He is small and will probably be in the 15-20 pounds range as well.  


March 22, 2023

The babies are doing awesome.  We started offering solid food last week when Wendy started standing up to nurse.  All of the babies are up exploring their pen and starring to play with each other.  We moved over to the 'big kid' pen yesterday where they can start using the dog door to go potty.  First step before they are ready for the dog door is teaching them to use a specific area of their pen so they can practice keeping their sleep and play area clean and they can walk over to the designated potty area.  We do this nay making the paper a different color and offering a physical divider so they have to step over it to get to the potty spot.  This helps solve the "put my front paws on the paper and go potty where I stand' problem that we always get at this age.  

This week we will continue offering solid food three times a day.  Wendy still nurses a couple of times a day.  Everyone will get their first Parvo shot and dewormer medicine this week as well.  

Here are some updated pictures! 

IMG_6908 2.JPG
IMG_6918 2.JPG