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Standard F1b English Goldendoodle

  • 55 pounds, 22" tall, Curly low shedding coat

  • 22.9% Golden Retriever /  71.7% standard poodle

  • Birthday: August 10, 2016

  • Health: PennHIP: 0.39/0.37 (Better than breed average).                                           OFA Hip Preliminary Good, OFA Elbow Preliminary Normal,                                       OFA Eyes, Heart, Patella, Normal. Full Clear Embark Panel,                                         carrier for ICH

  • Coat & Color Genetics: Ff, +/- curl Ee KBKy ata bb Ssp 

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Dottie & Roland
Medium Golden Mountain-doodles (Goldendoodle X Bernedoodle) 35-45 lbs
Born: June 5th. 2022 
Match Date: Birth
Go home: Wednesday August 3rd
These puppies will be $2500


Dottie had her last litter of puppies (8 sweet babies) in the early morning hours of June 5th. She labored really well and like always has been a wonderful momma.  Babies are all thriving and growing well.  We have 4 males and 4 females.  It looks like our black babies all have a faint phantom markings on their coat.  As they age these Phantom markings will become more apparent. You can see below pics of one of her previous babies as she grew.   We have 2 wavy males (1 cream and one black (Phantom), 1 male and female curly black (Phantom ), 1 male and female brown phantom, 2 curly black parti Phantom females.   We anticipate that all of these puppies will have a nice thick Low/Non-shedding coat. 

If you are interested in one of these available babies and have questions after reading through our Adoption Process please send me (Fonda) a text.  208-731-0053

Dotti/Roland Waiting list

1) Scott Moss (Curly Chocolate Phantom Female) Las Vegas, NV

2) Bonnie Wakefield (Curly Parti Tri Female) Prineville, OR

3) Tonya & Ed Ford (Curly  Black Phantom Female) Twin Falls, ID

4) Clay & Jennifer McCombs (Wavy Cream Male) Twin Falls, ID  

5) Jennifer Villalobos (Curly Parti Black Female) Boise, ID

6) Michelle Klar (Curly  Black Male) Nampa, ID

7) Garn family (Wavy Black Male) Twin Falls

8) Dinise Mills (CurlyChocolate/Phantom Male) Boise, ID




F1b English   Goldendoodle

55 pounds, 22" tall

Silver Beige






Golden Mountaindoodle

26 pounds, 16" tall