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Breed:  F1b Miniature English Goldendoodle
Parents: Daisy/Dash
Coat Color: Brown (bbEe)
Coat type: Curly, non shedding
D Locus: D/D (negative for dilution)
Hair Curl: C/C
Furnishings: n/F
Parti Factor: No
Birth Day:  June 28, 2015
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 24 pounds
Eye Cerf:  clear
DM: Clear GR-PRA1: Clear GR-PRA2: Clear Ich: Clear MD: Clear NEwS: Clear vWD1: Clear
Lives with a guardian family in Pocatello

Maggie's puppies

Maggie and Winston
20-40 pound Miniature
multi-generation goldendoodles 
chocolate, silver beige and apricot wavy coats
Born August 20, 2020
Go home date October 15, 2020

Maggie and Winston have babies!  

We have 2 chocolate boys, 2 apricot girls and 1 apricot boy.  I will call families on our reservation list starting Monday, 8/24/2020. If there are any puppies available after I have worked through the list I will post them at the top of the home page. 

 Maggie is a sweet loving mama that serves as a therapy dog for her guardian family in Pocatello.  This is her third and final litter.  Her previous puppies have exceptionally trainable dispositions with soft, non-shedding coats. 

Winston lives in a guardian home in Twin Falls. He is devoted to his family and we love his fun goofy personality.  He has a straight non-shedding coat.  

Maggie/Winston  litter list 

1. Natalya Wolters--green collar apricot male (Spokane, WA) paid in full 

2. Natalie Kershaw--Yellow collar Apricot female (Seattle, WA) Paid in Full

4. Jeff Duben--black collar apricot female (southern CA) Paid in Full

5. Jennifer Smith--large chocolate male  (N. California)Paid in Full

6. Mike Morris--small chocolate male (Hailey, ID) Paid in Full

F1b English Golden doodle from Daisy and Dash
20 pounds, 18 inches
soft curly coat
+/+ curl, +/+ furnishings
Red Goldendoodle
Straight,  non-shedding coat
40 pounds
-/- curl, +/+ furnishings
Maggie/Winston 2020

Maggie/Winston 2020

Watch Now

October 14, 2020

The babies are  all doing awesome!  They are ready to meet their forever families.  We've been practicing having them sit before we give treats or loves and they have picked up on that really well.  They have not learned specific cures for sit or any other behavior.  One thing to remember with puppies is that they don't generalize!  Even if they learn a cue (command) in one room of the house they will have to re-learn it when you move to a new room. Once they have learned that sit means sit no matter where they are, then they will start to generalize commands. It takes time for babies to get the hang of communicating with humans! Be patient. Repeating a command over and over doesn't give any useful information--both humans and dogs have to learn to understand each other and that's part of what makes training dogs so fun!  

October 6, 2020

This week Maggie has just about completely weaned the babies.  She is so funny to watch!  She takes random bits of food or treats into the box with them and then watches while they try to eat whatever she found.  They are eating all hard crunch puppy food and are doing great with sleeping in crates and going potty outside.  We have them practice spending time away from their littermates each day to help with the transition to their new homes in a couple of weeks.  

**Note--I originally put the wrong collar colors on the weight chart with the two chocolate boys. The smallest boy has a red collar with a white patch on his chest.  The larger chocolate boy has a blue collar.**

September 28, 2020

This week everyone learned to use the dog door to go potty.  YAY!  It's always a great day here when puppies go outside to go potty. They have all switched over to hard crunch puppy food and they are all doing great.  They had their first Parvo vaccine--Neopar--which will help their immune systems start getting prepared to fight off one of the most common puppies diseases.  This week we will continue practicing 'sit to say please' and we will continue to  introduce new people, toys, sounds and experiences every day.