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Breed: Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Parents: Edward/Echo
Coat Color: Dark Red
Bb/ee K?K? a?a?
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/T
Furnishings: F/F
Parti factor: Yes
Birth Day: October 18, 2018
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 55 pounds
PennHIP: Right DI 0.44 Left DI 0.4
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Preliminary Patella: Normal
OFA Preliminary Cardiac: Normal


Clear disease panel

Lives with a guardian family  in Boise 

Tenley has a little less than 8% Irish setter and Brittany spaniel in her genetic makeup.  

Puppies from Tenley

mini apricot goldendoodle
 Standard Multigen 
20" tall, 55 pounds 
red abstract 
wavy, non-shedding coat
abstract marked goldendoodle
Rocky Ridge
F1b goldendoodle
15" tall, 14 pound
curly non shedding
Tenley & Rocky Ridge
Large mini/small medium Multi-Gen Goldendoodles 35-40 lb
Born: December 16, 2021
Go Home Tuesday February 8, 2022

Tenley had her litter of puppies early in the morning on December 16th.  Everyone is doing well and all are thriving.  Mom is as always great with her largfe litter of puppies.  She had 11 (6 boys and 5 girls).. Most puppies have large abstract markings on their chest and or muzzle/head.  We have two extreem parti puppies (1 girl and 1 boy). Two malses and one female are wavy. The rest of the pupies are curly.To learn how you can be added to this litter list please read through our Adoption Process 

For more info about this litter you can text Fonda at 208-731-0053

Tenely/Rocky Ridge waiting list

1) Kevin Huang (Miss Light Blue) San Fransico, CA 

2) Sarah Sun (Miss Pink) Bellevue, WA

3) Emily Williams (Mr Brown) Central Point, OR

4) Don and Linda Durden (Mr Red) Nampa, ID

5) Bruce Olson ( Miss Yellow) Upland, CA

6) Thomson (Miss White,)   

7) Kaylee Guevara (Mr Orange) Meridian ID

8) Erin Rodriguez (Mr Green) Nampa, ID

9) Carleigh Mngini (Mr Blue) Boise, ID

10)  Brittany Pieschl (Mr Black) Hailey, ID

11) Nick Sander (Miss Purple) Filer, ID