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Breed:  F1 Medium English Goldendoodle
Parents: Paisley and Raygun
Birth Day: 9/27/2015
​Coat Color: Apricot, Bbee, DD(no dilution gene), a(t)a(t), K(B)K(y)
Coat type: Straight, low to moderate shedding
Hair Curl: +/-
Furnishings: N/n
Inbreeding coefficient: 0%
Parti: Parti factored
Height: 21 inches
Weight:  45
Eye Cerf:  Clear
DM:  GR-PRA1:carrier  GRPRA2:carrier  

Ich: Carrier She will only be bred with studs that are clear for these diseases

MD:  NEwS:  vWD1: Clear
Bisou is not affected with any disease--she is clear for more than 150 common inheritable diseases. 
Lives with a guardian family in Boise 

Bisou and Maverick
medium multi-generation Goldendoodles
35-50 pounds, loose wavy, no/low shedding coats
red/apricot with some abstract white markings
Born Wednesday September 30, 2020
Go Home just before Thanksgiving

Bisou (Bee-zoo) and Maverick have great genetics to have beautiful babies!  All of these puppies will be red and some will have white abstract markings.  Both parents have social, outgoing personalities that we love to see in all of our goldendoodles.  This is Bisou's last litter.  Her past puppies are some of our favorites and these will be no exception. 

This litter Belongs to Kim


1. MVGD--yellow collar girl --Tanton Family guardians

2. Kathy Johnson Service Dog Pick--Green Collar Boy

3. Jerry Everndeen--Turquoise Girl--Autumn

4. Mark and Brittney Roussin--Black boy

5. Cara and Devon Caywood--Gray Collar boy--Henry 

6. Alexandra Fruehauf--red boy 

7. Mike Smith--light blue boy 

8.Spring Lam--purple collar girl

9.Nicholas Maikranz--Pink Collar girl 

10. Daniel Magallanes--Orange collar girl

F1 English Golden doodle from Paisley and Raygun
45 pounds, 21 inches
loose wavy coat


Multi-generation goldendoodle

red/white abstract

wavy coat

19 inches, 40 pounds