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Breed:  F1b Medium English Goldendoodle
Parents: Linna and Bingo
Coat Color: RED and White Parti (Bbee)
Coat type: Flat, (sheds like a typical golden retriever)
Hair Curl: n/C
Furnishings: n/n
Parti: Yes
Birth Day: November 22, 2015
Height: 20.5 inches
Weight:  39 pounds
Penn Hip: Right DI: 0.40 Left DI: 0.36
Eye Cerf:  Clear
DM: Clear GR-PRA1: Clear GR-PRA2: Clear Ich: Carrier MD: Clear NEwS: Clear vWD1: Clear
Lives with a guardian family in Boise 

IC affected golden doodle
F1bb Goldendoodle
from Linna and Bingo
20.5 inches, 39 pound
cream, curly, (sheds like a typical golden retriever
straight coat goldendoodle stud


multi-generation golden doodle

red with white abstract markings

14 inches, 22 pounds


Waiting list

1) Breeder pick

2) Lisa Law in Surprise AZ

3) Lorie Ehlis in Kennewick Washington

4) April Howard in Surprise AZ

5) Micaela Florence in Arvada Colorado

6) Ethan

7) Lauren 

Cali and Teddy 
Mini multi-generational Goldendoodles
25-35 pounds
Due date September 25th
Family Match day November 16th
Go home date just before Thanksgiving

This will be Cali"s retirement litter.  We were so pleased with the puppies she and Teddy produced  with their last litter we decided this pairing is a must one last time.  This litter will be whelped in Surprise Arizona at Cali's Guardian home.  Cali's guardian owners name is Lisa.  She is a Vet Tech and has wanted to breed for some time now so we here at Magic Valley Goldendoodles will be mentoring her.  We are both very excited about this opportunity.  Lisa is phenomenal and is going to be great with these puppies.  This will make picking and pick up different than our other litters.  If you choose to be placed on this list you will need to be open to traveling to AZ to pick up your puppy or you will need to pay for a flight any to have him or her delivered to your nearest airport.  The cost for a flight nanny is usuall around $500-$600.

Goldendoodle puppies
Wavy coat goldendoodle
Goldendoodle puppies
Goldendoodle puppies

"Arizona"  4 weeks

"Arizona"  3 weeks

"Arizona"  1 week