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Breed:  F1 English Goldendoodle
Coat Color: Cream (Bbee)
Coat type: Loose wave, non shedding
Hair Curl: n/n
Furnishings: n/F
Parti Factor: Yes
Parents: Paisley and Pierre
Birth Day:  December 24, 2013
Height:  22 inches
Weight: 55 pounds
Penn Hip: Left DI .33 Right DI .27
top 10% (Excellent)                       
OFA Elbows: Normal
Eye Cerf:  normal

9 Weeks

3 Weeks
Linna and Norris
Apricot/red f1b Goldendoodles
mini 25-30 pounds
Born August 4, 2019
Ready to go home September 27th
3 curly boys, 5 wavy boys, 1 wavy girl.

This is Linna's retirement litter.  We have loved having Linna be part of our breeding program here at Magic Valley Goldendoodles.  This will be her 4th beautiful litter she has given us. Her family is looking forward to having her retire and spend out the rest of her life there in their home where she is a loved member of their family. We couldn't think of a more perfect pairing for Linna's final litter!  These puppies will make a fantastic companion or family pet.  The temperaments of the puppies that both Linna and Norris throw make for good emotional support and therapy dogs.  We have a few people on our master reservation list who want one of these puppies but we should have a few open spots.  

1)  Carol and John Lloyd--female

2)  Lauren Feiler Black collar wavy male going to Reno NV

3)  Emily Low Light blue collar wavy male going to Redwood City CA

4   Brittany Pieschl Orange collar curly Male Going to Haily, Idaho

5)  Sherrie Rubink Brown collar curly male going to Sandy Utah

6)  Jayson Haworth Red Collar curly male going to Meridian Idaho

7)  David Kapanka Green Collar wavy male going to CA

8)  Ellen McKenely Blue Collar wavy male going Pocatello ID

9)Lenny & Mariner Yellow Collar going home to Sun  Valley ID/Belvedere, CA



F1 Goldendoodle from

Paisley and Pierre

22 inches, 60 pounds

Cream, non-shedding



AKC miniature poodle

red, curly coat

12 inches, 14 pounds

5 1/2 Weeks
7 Weeks

7 Weeks

5 1/2 Weeks