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Breed:  Multi generation English Goldendoodle

Parents: June and Winston

​Coat Color: Cream/apricot parti, Bbee, KbKy, AyAt, no merle

Dilute: ​D/D (does not carry dilute)

Coat type: Curly, non-shedding

Hair Curl: C/T (+/-) soft wavy

Furnishings: F/F (+/+)

Shedding: C/C (two low shed genes)

Parti: SS (untestable parti gene)  

Birth Day: 09/30/2021

Height:  17 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

Penn Hip:Right 0.35 Left  0.32                     

OFA Elbows: Normal

Eva is clear for all genetic diseases tested through Embark.  Eva lives in a guardian home in Twin Falls





30 pounds, 17" tall

Apricot parti

Wav/loose curly



AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

12 inches

12 pounds

Eva & Maui
Miniature Cavalier Goldendoodles 
15-30 pounds
red/apricot parti and tuxedo markings
soft wavy coats

Born October 26, 2023
Ready to go home just before Christmas


Cavalier Goldendoodles

Eva and Maui have puppies from our beloved Cavalier Goldendoodles lines!  

Eva is a ball loving, lap snuggling, soft coated sweetheart.  She adores her 'kids' and is so patient even with the littlest family members.  She loves her daily runs as well.  She has a soft loose curly coat. 

Maui is a gem.  He has a beautiful stocky structure and amazing health and temperament.  He has the friendly, outgoing temperament that we love in our Cav's.  He is a beloved member of his family and is great with the kids and other pets in his home.  

These babies will be 15-30 pounds with soft, loose wavy coats and sweet family friendly temperaments.  

 Eva and Maui's American Pie Puppies