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Breed: F1b Standard English Goldendoodle
Parents: Linna and Shooter
Coat Color: Black & White
BbEe, a/a KB/ky
Coat type: Wavy, non shedding
Hair Curl: C/c
Furnishings: F/F
Parti: Yes
Shed: C/C
Birth Day: August 10, 2016
Height: 22”
Weight: 40 pounds
Penn Hip: Right 0.45 Left 0.47
OFA Prelim: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patella: Normal
Eye Cerf: Clear
Cardiac: Normal
Dentition: Full Dentition (Normal)
Ichthyosis (PNPLA1) Carrier
Lives with a guardian family in Boise

Paris & Winston
Medium Multi-generational Goldendoodles 40-45 pounds
Due: Mid Augast 
Match Date: When puppies are born
Go home: Begining of October 

The puppies from this litter will sell for $2000 

We were so happy with the puppies Paris and Winston had with their last two litters that is was a no brainer to pair them for the third time.. We are happy to announce Paris had her final litter late at night on Tuesday August 17th. We have 3 cream/apricot males  (1 curly abstract, 1 wavy abstract, and 1 curly solid).  We have two chocolate females (1 curly,  1 wavy).  We have 3 cream/apricot females (1 curly abstract, 1 wavy abstract, and 1 curly solid)   


1) Mary Jacobs, Wavy Abstract cream (Light Blue) Hailey, ID

2) Delanie Garrett, Curly Abstract cream (Purple)  Corbett, OR 

3) Gay Durward, Wavy Solid chocolate (White) Olympia, WA

4) Jaylyn Rudd, Curly Solid chocolate (Yellow) Jerome, ID

5) Paula Shaffer, Curly Solid cream/apricot (Pink) Ketchum, ID


1) Simona Alexe, Abstract cream (Green) Jackson Hole, WY

2) Evie Ward, Wavy Abstract cream (Red) Olympia, Wa

3) Salasa Raman, Curly Solid cream (Blue) Bothell, WA



Small Standard

F1B English Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 22" tall

Black Parti






Multi-Generational   Goldendoodle

40 pounds, 19" tall